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There isn't much here right now, but there will be eventually. For now, you can amuse yourself with the Glitch Tarot :)

The Glitch Tarot

O. The Fool
As the first card in the deck, the Fool often indicates a sudden impulse to start a new quest or journey. There is always danger in being new, yet everyone must start there. Innocence and purity of heart will be your armor.

I. The Magus
All matter is an illusion, and the Magus is the source of this illusion. (Note that he is also a trickster, patron of lawyers, liars, and thieves!) Life is a dream, but the experience is real, and you have the power to shape that experience. Use your imagination to the fullest and take an active role in creating your world.

II. The Priestess
It is through meditation that a Glitch may attain union with the highest. The Priestess represents inspiration gained through reflection, which sheds clear light on the situation at hand. Purple is the herb of dreams, and there may be a tendency to get lost in the visions.

III. The Empress
The Empress is the Urthly embodiment of femininity: calm, receptive, sociable. She is the emotional link, the love and friendship experienced between Glitches. She also represents a restful sort of energy, a period of inactivity after exertion and travel. Consider taking a break from your projects to reflect on recent events, and spend some time relaxing with friends.

IV. The Emperor
This card is attributed to the Sign of the Fox, and signifies such fiery qualities as ambition, confidence, and speed. The Emperor is the spark, the active energy that is required for creation. This energy is powerful but unstable; irrationality and stubbornness may lead to strife.
[The Fox]

V. The Hierophant
The Hierophant's job is to translate extremely tenuous, spiritual concepts into language that can be understood in an ordinary sense. Fables, parables, and allegories are all works of his kind, but even something as simple as a home-cooked meal can be an opportunity to commune with the divine. With hard work, he transforms everyday life into ecstatic experiences which feed the spirit.
[The Piggy]

VI. The Lovers
This card is sometimes known as "The Twins" or "The Friends", and is attributed to the astrological sign of the Frogs; in each case the symbolism is of two separate but connected individuals. Frogs are very spiritual creatures, and the card often represents intuition, and the influence of cosmic understanding on the intellect. You will need to find a quiet and peaceful place if you want to hear the sound of your own heart.
[The Frogs]

VII. The Chariot
The astrological Sign of the Crab takes place at the onset of summer, in the middle of the hot month of Fever, a time of great growth and vitality. Crabs are long-lived creatures who love nothing better than to meet with friends and listen to music. The whole purpose of life in Ur is to enjoy ourselves, to participate in a wonderful, imaginative experience. So drink up and be merry!
[The Crab]

VIII. Adjustment
Standing still requires active attention; even though you are not moving anywhere, your muscles are continuously tensing and relaxing, adjusting their position to keep you in balance. Maintaining a calm mind requires a similar process, balancing each idea against its opposite in order to reach a place of peace.
[The Chick]

IX. The Hermit
A hermit does not waste energy on needless social distractions, preferring the more intimate quality of close friendships. Quiet contemplation will allow you to develop your inner light.
[The Batterfly]

X. Fortune
Everything has its season - creation, preservation, destruction. Change is on the horizon. There is a calm in the eye of the storm, which you can attain if you find your own centre.

XI. Lust
Sometimes called "Strength", this card represents creation in its most powerful and exhilarating form. The will to create is not a force that can be reasoned with; have the courage to follow through with your artistic vision.
[The Yeti]

XII. The Hanged Man
Sometimes it feels like your life is going nowhere, but a period of reflection can be necessary in the creative process. Incubation requires patience, and even guanoed plants need time to mature. Withdraw to a place of inner peace and relax; by the time this is over you will have a much clearer perspective.

XIII. Death
This card is one of the most powerful and emotionally provocative in the deck, and it is important to remember that it rarely refers to physical death in the literal sense. Rather, the card suggests the idea of death as change, with the potential for rebirth and renewal. Death is a part of the cycle of life, just as winter is part of the cycle of seasons. In the end, there is something that is untouched by death; be like a squid floating above the chaos, and find your inner mind.
[The Squid]

XIV. Art
The essential meaning of Art is the creation of something new out of existing ingredients. Quite often imagination is released in this process. The recipe must be just right in order for the reagents to properly mix; plan carefully to make the most of what you have.
[The Firefly]

XV. The Devil
There are schools of thought which consider Earth to be an "evil" element, since it represents (among other things) the material objects and wealth which so often lead to suffering. This is the reason why the ancient Glitches titled this card "The Devil", representing as it does the creation of the physical world. But while it is true that physical life often involves pain and sorrow, there is also the opportunity to experience joy and pleasure, to solve problems and build beautiful works. Your creative impulses have a divine origin; seek out a quiet, isolated spot where you may work interrupted on your masterpiece.
[The Sloth]

XVI. The Tower
Traditionally, this card depicts a tower being destroyed in a Rook attack. It is attributed to Gandlevery, the herb of strength, and represents energy in its most physical form. On one hand this could mean physical destruction, war, or sudden death. But on the other hand, it may also mean the liberation from restrictive forces, a jailbreak, or the shattering of illusions. Truth is sometimes difficult to face, but in the end will set you free.

XVII. The Star
Life is a self-regenerating process, constantly changing and renewing itself. Like all Glitches you are yourself a star, you are a light to others, and your actions have effects far beyond what you can see. It is essential that you take proper care of your emotional and physical health in order to remain a positive influence in the world. Don't deny yourself pleasure; seek out joyous experiences that will feed your spirit and strengthen your sense of compassion.
[The Butterfly]

XVIII. The Moon
The Moon is a creature of the night - she represents the other side of life, secrets and the occult, the darkness before the dawn. Things are not always as they seem, and your eyes may fool you. Muster your courage until the morning comes; trust your intuition, your instincts, and your sense of smell.
[The Salmon (a.k.a. The Ghost)]

XIX. The Sun
Each yellow crumb flower carries a tiny piece of sunshine inside it, bringing blessings of joy and light to the Urth. Yellow crumb is an herb of learning and knowledge, and this knowledge is what gives us the power to transform the world in accordance with our imaginations. You will not find what you need in any outside source; it is something that only exists in the centre of your own being, in your heart.
[Yellow Crumb]

XX. The Aeon
This card represents the end of the current age, and the dawn of the next. In some decks it is known as "The Last Judgement" or "The Angel", suggesting the destruction of the world. But the end of a dream is simply the beginning of a new day, bringing with it the promise of light and restored energy. Live the dream to the fullest while you can, but don't fear the morning.
[Fire (also Spirit)]

XXI. The Universe
As the final Trump, this card refers to the whole of one's experience, the ultimate purpose, the reason for manifestation. If you had a particular question in mind when you received this fortune, then the answer is the question itself; the reason the problem exists is so that you can learn to solve it. This may entail some hard work and maybe a little frustration, but that's what makes a quest satisfying. The Universe exists so that you can experience it. You were imagined here so that you could play.
[Rookswort (also Earth)]

King of Planks
The original Alpha Male, the King of Planks is the first of the court cards and a force to be reckoned with. He puts everything into his every action - unfortunately this often means he only has one chance at success. Be confident in your abilities, but not complacent; take care that your aim is true and your perceptions undistorted by pride.
[Fire of Fire; 51st Hexagram]

Queen of Planks
A steady fire moves like liquid as it burns, the dancing flame taking the shapes of a million dreams. Fire can be warm and beautiful and a source of light and power. But fire does not know reason; it is dangerous and must be kept carefully controlled lest the energy turn to destruction.
[Water of Fire; 17th Hexagram]

Prince of Planks
The energy and power of fire expands with the addition of air. The Prince of Planks has a vibrant personality, tireless in his every pursuit. The work may take longer than expected, and he may not get the help he needs. He will persist nonetheless; taking extra time to do the job properly will pay off in the long run.
[Air of Fire; 42nd Hexagram]

Princess of Planks
The passion of the Princess is like a fire that consumes everything in its path. Fire can be immensely dangerous, destructive, uncontrollable. Yet, in the right circumstances, fire also has great creative potential (smelting, for example) and is a source of light and beauty. Planks too, may be used for aggression as well as building.
[Earth of Fire; 27th Hexagram]

King of Drinks
Fire and Water are a conflicting combination, and this is reflected in the personality of the King. Water is a passive element, but as a King he is naturally active, powerful, and excitable. He thus represents the ability of drinks to inflame the emotions. When the drinks wear off, however, the flame subsides; the King's passions, while swift and violent, have no depth.
[Fire of Water; 54th Hexagram]

Queen of Drinks
The Queen embodies the power of cocktails to make one receptive to the company and ideas of others. She is patient and understanding, and is able to empathize with others to such an extent that it may be difficult to determine what her real opinions are. In some situations (one too many drinks?) she may distort the truth without even realizing it.
[Water of Water; 58th Hexagram]

Prince of Drinks
The Prince represents the Airy part of Water, suggesting such things as bubbles, fragrance, and steam. He is intelligent, artistic and sociable, but there is always something mysterious about him. Beneath his charming exterior lurks intense passion and ruthless ambition. This is part of his appeal.
[Air of Water; 61st Hexagram]

Princess of Drinks
This Princess is the perfect party-planner, the kind of person who can take vague ideas and turn them into reality, facilitating the enjoyment of everyone around her. To the casual observer she may seem carefree and idle, but she puts in plenty of long hours working behind-the-scenes to ensure that the stars of the show look their best.
[Earth of Water; 41st Hexagram]

King of Quills
The King is both intelligent and ambitious, but like all Quills he is prone to distraction. His mind storms from one idea to another, never taking the time to reflect on the practicalities of the matter. Nevertheless, he is a King, and possesses the energy to pursue his goals.
[Fire of Air; 32nd Hexagram]

Queen of Quills
Like all Quills, the Queen possesses a keen intelligence, but as a Queen she is also gifted with social skills and a gracious demeanor. (Which make her extremely dangerous if she is your enemy.) She may have problems with opposition or bad luck; careful planning and emergency preparation will mitigate this. Her charms will often win her friends in unexpected places.
[Water of Air; 28th Hexagram]

Prince of Quills
The difficulty of herding butterflies is that while they may be able to fly anywhere, they have no collective direction; as a whole, the flock ends up precisely nowhere. Nothing short of the supreme creative will of Cosma can get them to sustain any course. Such is the nature of the Glitch mind, when left to wander at will, ungrounded by practical considerations.
[Air of Air; 57th Hexagram]

Princess of Quills
The quill is an instrument which turns an intangible thought into a written note, something which has a physical presence in the Urniverse. And yet, quills can also prevent work from being done, when words are used to argue or scheme. Similarly, the Princess has the capability of turning ideas into reality through her work, but may be a trouble-maker as well as a problem-solver.
[Earth of Air; 18th Hexagram]

King of Quoins
The King is an enthusiastic devotee of Mab; his chief concern is how to get the most out of the land, to be as productive as possible. His ambitions towards material wealth may prevent him from thinking clearly.
[Fire of Earth; 62nd Hexagram]

Queen of Quoins
The Queen does not chase after her quoins; she waits in her throne, in her palace-home, as energy flows towards her. She is the type to invest in gardens, to grow a bounty by staying close to her yard.
[Water of Earth; 31st Hexagram]

Prince of Quoins
The Prince knows how to enjoy the good things in life, and plans ahead to make the most of his experiences. He is intelligent in practical ways: well-organized, adaptable, inventive. He is a hard worker, diligent and patient, and will eventually receive his just rewards.
[Air of Earth; 53rd Hexagram]

Princess of Quoins
A mountain is one of the largest things created by the Giants, yet, like everything else in Ur it is made of nothing more than imagination. The shape of a mountain depends on the particular place where it was created, and so the nature of the Princess will also depend on the particular situation where she finds herself. If you don't understand her, it is simply because you don't understand the universe.
[Earth of Earth; 52nd Hexagram]

Ace of Planks
Imagination is what sets Glitchen apart from all other life on Ur. The Giant-given ability to create makes you very powerful indeed, the only question is how you will choose to use this power.
[Seeds of Fire]

Two of Planks - Dominion
Raw creative power may be destructive and frightening, but destruction is not always a bad thing. For example: smashing apart a rock is a necessary first step when making an alchemical potion. Trust in your vision and wield your creative power with confidence.
[Gandlevery / The Fox]

Three of Planks - Virtue
This card suggests the warm energy of spring, bringing rebirth and renewal. It is the kind of energy that inspires one to work diligently and joyously, and to love the experience of the work itself. Like a wood tree with three branches, you're well on the way to where you want to be.
[Yellow Crumb / The Fox; 11th Hexagram]

Four of Planks - Completion
Four planks suggests security and stability - the four sides of a garden plot, for example, or the four branches of a mature wood tree. This is possible when creativity is tempered with order and discipline, and grounded with a solid foundation. Boundaries are important for maintaining harmonious relationships.
[Rubeweed / The Fox]

Five of Planks - Strife
Creative energy is being hampered by lethargy, and may be brewing into something nasty. It's irrational, destructive, and yet by slogging through this you'll eventually get to where you need to be.
[Rookswort / The Yeti]

Six of Planks - Victory
All of your plans are in perfect order, and your energy is focused on the goal at hand. It's important that you maintain your calm and discipline in order to follow this through to conclusion.
[Yellow Crumb / The Yeti]

Seven of Wands - Valour
As usual, you will be able to push yourself to finish your latest quest, but it will wear you down. Better planning would have saved you time and energy.
[Gandlevery / The Yeti]

Eight of Planks - Swiftness
Use your fire for illumination rather than destruction. Agility and intelligence will provide an advantage over a stronger opponent.
[Hairball / The Firefly]

Nine of Planks - Strength
A small force may have a large effect if leveraged properly; balance is as important as raw power in achieving your goals. Since the only certainty is change, adaptability is key.
[Purple / The Firefly]

Ten of Planks - Oppression
A system which was once used to keep order has now become degraded and corrupt. Force has been used so often it may no longer be effective; the old government is on its way out.
[Rookswort / The Firefly]

Ace of Drinks
This is the feeling of the first drink of the night, the dreamy imagination, free-association, before any concrete ideas are formed. At this stage anything is possible, any image in the wishing well has a chance of coming true. (Be careful what you wish for, do you know what is really inside your heart?)
[Seeds of Water]

Two of Drinks - Love
This represents the highest form of love: unconditional, balanced, and based on mutual understanding. Every thing in the universe longs to unite with its opposite - the energy released from this union is Joy.
[Rubeweed / The Crab]

Three of Drinks - Abundance
This is the comfortable feeling of a well-stocked pantry and a flourishing garden, and the card often signifies good fortune and fertility. And yet, there is always a dark side: nowhere is fruit more abundant than on the streets of Hell.
[Hairball / The Crab]

Four of Drinks - Luxury
The house is in order; things are balanced, well placed. There is a tendency to get too comfortable, and that will cause problems later.
[Purple / The Crab]

Five of Drinks - Disappointment
An unwelcome reality check signals the end of a period of relaxation. And just when it was getting comfortable, too. Violent energy will prevent you from regaining your composure for the moment.
[Gandlevery / The Squid]

Six of Drinks - Pleasure
Imagine the feeling of enjoying a home-grown meal with some good friends - that is the kind of pleasure signified by this card. It is so much more than mere sensory gratification; it is vitality and exuberance rather than drunkenness. There is a sense of well-being and harmony with the world.
[Yellow Crumb / The Squid]

Seven of Drinks - Debauch
Mindless consumption, drug addiction, lewd parties - sure it sounds awesome, but behind the glamour is something that feels false and poisonous. It's pretty/fun, but a poor substitute for true love. Your heart is not always an honest friend.
[Rubeweed / The Squid]

Eight of Drinks - Indolence
It's important to distinguish between self-control and self-deprivation. Without constant care a house will become a neglected wasteland.
[Rookswort / The Salmon (a.k.a. The Ghost)]

Nine of Drinks - Happiness
Having experienced both extremes of over-indulgence and deprivation, you've reached a happy medium where you can enjoy yourself - like Goldilocks finding the perfectly comfortable bed. Luck goes both ways, of course, and it's only a matter of time before the bears come home.
[Silvertongue / The Salmon (a.k.a. The Ghost)]

Ten of Drinks - Satiety
Every desire has been fulfilled, the house is in order, and yet something still nags. It may be that you're tired or broke, or just no longer interested in the same dreams as before. And yet the dream is so comfy, why is that nagging voice trying to wake you?
[Gandlevery / The Salmon (a.k.a. The Ghost)]

Ace of Quills
The suit of Quills represents mental energy, and the Ace is the essence of this force, suggesting new ideas, open communication. Use logic and calm analysis to cut through arguments, revealing the truth. At this point it should be easy to stay focused, but the mind does have a tendency to wander.
[Seeds of Air]

Two of Quills - Peace
Two perfectly opposing ideas have a sum total of zero; the mind will be at peace when every thought is balanced against its opposite. This card represents the ability to reconcile conflicting ideas, which leads to the acknowledgement that every idea creates/contains its own antithesis.
[Purple / The Chick]

Three of Quills - Sorrow
The influence of Rookswort stimulates the darker side of the intellect, bringing visions of isolation and separation. This is a deep melancholy that comes from understanding the pain of others, and the inevitability of death. Take care not to drown in these feelings, but instead use them to strengthen your resolve to live life to the fullest and follow only your highest ideals.
[Rookswort / The Chick]

Four of Quills - Truce
A truce is a compromise, designed to appease and prevent conflict. It is a purely utilitarian arrangement, and provides a feeling of comfort and safety, sometimes at the cost of individual freedom. This card also refers to the process of standardization - i.e. where separate individuals or groups decide to adopt common technical standards for mutual benefit.
[Silvertongue / The Chick]

Five of Quills - Defeat
An uneasy truce has finally been broken. Ideas which seemed solid are starting to show strain now that plans are being put into action. Emotions may be clouding your judgement, preventing you from acting with integrity.
[Rubeweed / The Butterfly]

Six of Quills - Science
Science is a living process, characterized by balanced, unbiased, rational thought. It's possible to use the scientific method to reach up to some Big Truths, but you can also focus it on more practical endeavors such as the production of a Bunch of Stuff.
[Hairball / The Butterfly]

Seven of Quills - Futility
When a discussion is complicated by too many conflicting ideas, even a strong voice may fail to be heard over the noise. It's like trying to give advice to a butterfly - even if the butterfly listened to you, it would be too distracted to act on your advice. Compromise will only further weaken your position, so try to use what energy you have left to stand your ground.
[Purple / The Butterfly]

Eight of Quills - Interference
Unexpected gusts of wind jumble the signs and cause plans to go go awry. Working at cross-purposes, actions cancel each other out, and there may not be enough energy to reach the goal. It's going to take longer than you expected.
[Silvertongue / The Frogs]

Nine of Quills - Cruelty
It's possible to use reason and logic to justify any number of unglitchy actions; it's not worth arguing, for that will only feed the drama. Passive resistance may be the best course of action; stay true to your own ideals and don't give in to mental anguish and despair.
[Gandlevery / The Frogs]

Ten of Quills - Ruin
The quills have done their job a little too well - every argument has been meticulously analyzed, viciously ripped apart, and now nothing remains. The drive to create has been stifled by decadence and bitter criticism. Consider putting those creative projects on hold for a while, and take some time to clean house and rid yourself of negative thoughts.
[Yellow Crumb / The Frogs; 43rd Hexagram]

Ace of Quoins
Quoins represent the basic units of matter in Ur, the raw energy from which new things are imagined. Matter is not static, it is constantly renewing itself. The time for thinking is over; make something.
[Root of Earth]

Two of Quoins - Change
Change and stability are really two sides of the same quoin; change is inevitable, yet our lives move in cycles that are stable and predictable over the long term. Indeed, change supports life, providing the opportunity for periodic rest and renewal. Anything that does not undergo constant regeneration will eventually erode and be deimagined.
[Silvertongue / The Sloth]

Three of Quoins - Work
Work is the process of harnessing energy into productive activity. It takes time and tireless effort to bring a creative project from the realm of imagination into reality, but you should start seeing some results soon. Be consistent with your schedule, and be sure to maintain your energy with proper food and rest.
[Gandlevery / The Sloth]

Four of Quoins - Power
This card suggests the establishment of structure and stability, and such actions as building a home, or constructing a fortress. What began with simple ideas and imagination has developed into something solid. But solidity is not permanence, and this card should not be seen to imply rest. A house needs maintenance, and energy must continue to flow through the system in order to keep it stable.
[Yellow Crumb / The Sloth; 2nd Hexagram]

Five of Quoins - Worry
Instability disturbs a once-comfortable situation. The desire to move and think and grow is at odds with the desire to be safe and secure. Imagine the strain and noise every time a subway car grinds into motion - it must be endured in order to get where you want to go.
[Hairball / The Piggy]

Six of Quoins - Success
Like a happy piggy munching flowers, this is an excellent omen. Purple suggests balance and harmony, and the Sign of the Piggy embodies the hard-working and joyous energy required to achieve material goals. There is cause to celebrate - take advantage of this while it lasts.
[Purple / The Piggy]

Seven of Quoins - Failure
This represents a descent to a very low level of energy, where the element of Earth has become so passive that no further action is possible. There is inertia, decay, depression, and no effort made to fight it. All machines will eventually run out of fuel, all tools will break down, and at a time of low energy it may not be possible to repair them. Unfortunately this is an inevitable part of the creative process, and you may have to simply wait it out until your spark returns.
[Rookswort / The Piggy]

Eight of Quoins - Prudence
Practice patience, calculate risks and gamble carefully. Sometimes the best course of action is inaction, and sometimes the best argument is silence. Be like a batterfly and retreat into your safe cave; quiet contemplation will allow you to avoid drama and think of an intelligent solution to the problem at hand.
[Yellow Crumb / The Batterfly; 33rd Hexagram]

Nine of Quoins - Gain
Maintaining calm and balance in your life will attract good luck and bountiful harvest. Take time to experience satisfaction with your completed goals, and gratitude for the gifts you've received. Stay on course, keep organized, and enjoy yourself to the very end.
[Rubeweed / The Batterfly]

Ten of Quoins - Wealth
The final card of the deck, this represents material riches, the sum total of all your hoarded resources. There is a reminder that wealth, when hoarded too long, loses its value. Money is an illusion, and the physical objects of Ur are made of nothing more than imagination. But as the last card of the deck, it also represents the cycle of regeneration, the idea that every ending is a beginning. The cup is full, everything is in order - it is now time to take all of that wealth and use it to start something new.
[Hairball / The Batterfly]